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Not all the links are working in this (english) version of the site, I am working on the translation...

A pair of D. reticulatus for the person that finishes the translation of this site...

02-01-2005 Care for tadpoles.
D.  ventrimaculatus male is transporting a tadpole of D. tinctorius 'Brasil'...

08-11-2004: sounds registrated and added: 

New bought frogs:

more info as soon as possible.

14-05-2004  Climate-control installed

08-05-2004    Twins

Sometimes, the D. ventrimaculatussen have eggs with two 'yolks' in it. These eggs are not always succesfull, but this time the tadpoles grew and developed in a normal way.
The egg is much bigger than a 'normal' egg, but there is hardly any difference in size between the normal tadpoles and those from the 'double-yolk-egg'.

06-05-2004  Dendrobates fantasticus  have eggs again...

New shelter succes!   


Vulautomaat ge´nstalleerd op voorraadvat met osmosewater.


I found some time to write something about Ph. bicolor and Ph. terribilis: 

Phillobates bicolor       Phillobates terribilis


28-12-2003     Also the female of Dendrobates Azureus is transporting tadpoles: 
I have for several years poisonarrowfrogs, and I often saw them transporting tadpoles, bur I never saw a female D. Azureus doing this! 

Emancipated female, or just a good marriage?


<< Today, the male and the female are both walking with a tadpole on their back.

At first I thougt it was a matter of co´ncidence that the tadpole crept on the back of the female, but later it became clear that she tries to bring the tadpole to the water. For the camera, it is a pity that she let it happen behind a leave... >>